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Lesson 2 - Hello, World

To create your first project, follow the steps below:

1. Open up the Pycharm IDE and you should be greeted by this screen, and click on create new project.

2. The Pycharm IDE should have already preselected the base internpreter, aka Python 3.7. If they did not, click on the drop down menu and an option should come up. You can also name the file whatever you like by going to "location", and changing the default name "New_Project". Next press create.

3. You should now be created by a new screen, and right click whatever the name of your file is called, then hover over new, and then python file. From there, you can enter whatever name you like. Now move on to the lesson.

It is customary when you start learning programming by first outputting Hello, World! To output Hello, World! in Python by using the function, which we will cover the exact defintion and in deeper detail, print('Hello, World!') and press the green play button at the top right corner!

You can mess around with outputting whatever you like, such as your name, just make sure to keep it between the quotes!